Mutiny on the Asp

The wind is high, the sailors’ blood is up, and the captain has set a course… Away from the biggest prize the Asp will ever have the chance to plunder! The captain is certain that the Spanish treasure galleon will be too well guarded for the Asp to survive and many agree with the experienced sailor’s judgement, but no one signs onto a pirate vessel to shy away from bloody risk in the face of tremendous riches, and what was once a united crew now finds itself on the brink of mutiny.

Mutiny on the Asp follows the crew of a pirate ship as it builds itself up from nothing and then tears itself apart. Players will turn character outlines into a daring crew by charting their relationships through their early triumphs and failures in a series of theatre-style prologue scenes. Then cracks will appear and rumblings of mutiny will begin to take hold as the whole crew must decide whether to risk their lives on the biggest prize they’ve ever seen, or live to plunder another day.

Author:Joanna Piancastelli
Roles:6 to 14, no gender suggestions.
Time:3 hours.
Some content is repeated, but there are no secrets to spoil. Randomisation and player agency in character creation will make the characters different each time.
Leitmotiv:Piracy, backstabbing, relationships and division, risk and reward.
Handouts:The Captain’s speech
Character sheets

Public offering

Welcome to Gatekeeper Cloud Services! We are so excited to have you join our team of innovators and technology voyagers! We are definitely not an apocalyptic cult disguised as a disruptive internet startup, and our leadership team are most assuredly not invested in inducting our new hires into our secret rites of worship so that we may invoke the Great Outer God Yog-Sothoth as we announce our quarterly roadmap and secure our next round of funding!

In Public Offering the players will take the roles of employees of an internet startup circa 2008. The founders are cultist who must bring enough people on board to perform a ritual summoning of Yog-Sothoth (he is the Gate, the Key and Guardian of the Gate, IA!) to grant them the arcane knowledge and power to dominate the industry. Will they succeed, risking their lives and sanity to get their next round of funding? Will this affect their 410k?

Author:Marc Majcher
Roles:9 to 13, no gender suggestions.
Time:4 hours.
Some characters have secrets that may be interesting to keep unknown. Multiple endings.
Leitmotiv:Tech startup, Lovecraftian doomsday cult, comedy and horror.
Handouts:Corporate teambuilding
Accelerated Work Day
Character sheets
Opening Ritual

Building a XORS

The long awaited moment. Contact made. Radio signals blindly reaching out across the stars have finally reached their long awaited destination. Sentient life. Or at least, sentient life with adequate enough technology and inadequate instinct toward self-preservation to reach back out and grasp our outstretched hands. The barrier to communication is still very high, but we are making progress. And finally, we’ve learned that they’re on their way.

Building a XORS is a game about first contact through furniture assembly. Our first extra-terrestrial visitors are on their way, but preparations must be made. Something called a XORS. They sent pieces, but their method of providing instruction is… unorthodox. Through a series of visions, the players will construct a XORS, learn more about each other, and interpret the aliens’ true intentions.

Authors:Kathryn Hymes & Hakan Seyalioglu
Roles:4 to 8, no gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.
High degree of interpretation. Fixed sequence in every game.
Leitmotiv:Building furniture, aliens, surreal, uncertainty.
Handouts:Character sheets
Assembly steps

Capybara Day

Does every day look the same to you? Is your routine starting to feel like a cage? And what if you were truly, actually, literally trapped in an endless loop… What would you be willing to do to break free? The solution might be closer than you think. Sometimes, all you need to do is think outside of the box and follow the capybara.

The Protagonist of Capybara Day will face a parade of perfectly identical days. Meanwhile, the other players stage an Environment for the Protagonist to interact with… Quite the generous display. It’s all in the words of improv guru Keith Johnstone: «Make your partner look good!».

Author:Simone Bonetti
Roles:3 to 7, no gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.
All roles are generated by players. The structure lends itself to all kinds of settings. Let’s go wild!
Leitmotiv:Pressure, routine, surreal humour, lateral thinking, altruism in play, escalating time-limits.
Handouts:Time factor
Order of the day
Protagonist sheet
Supporting character sheets


It’s the oldest game in the world: Beasts race in the field and more beasts bet on them. When you lose, you double down; hold on enough and you’ll break even, maybe turn your luck around. It’s a foolproof system, almost mathematical.
Almost is a great word, though: You can’t almost be a winner. Nor can you almost be alive, for that matter. At what point does chance stop being a game?

In a Martingale everything is decided by combinations: not just the course of events, but the character sheets as well. No role stays the same from one game to the next and the flip of a coin can be enough to change everything.
The result goes beyond heads or tails: What makes a difference is always a clash of intentions, systems and superstition. Every damn race ends right at the photo-finish.

Author:Oscar Biffi
Roles:3 male.
Time:2 hours.

The combinations are designed to make characters different from game to game. The results of the race are not predetermined and
depend on character intervention.


Chance and risk, gambling, crime, self-fulfilment, horseracing, twists of fate.

Handouts:Handicap Sheets
Stakes Sheets
Career Sheets
Race commentary


Here’s the recipe for today’s game: Two characters who haven’t seen each other in a long time, garnished with an unlikely chemistry; One failure to ward off, with a good helping of assorted setbacks; One or more pieces of honest advice, to taste. All these ingredients, well-amalgamated and baked for a little over an hour, will yield a light story that makes for a wonderful afternoon break. In fact, the secret ingredient is cookies.

Q.B. mixes dialogue, narration, and cooking. No need for experience in the kitchen, nor with this kind of game. What’s important is being willing to chat while you bake a batch of cookies. Probatum est.

Authors:Maria Guarneri
Roles:2, no gender suggestions.
Time:1 hour.
The characters’ relationship is defined by the players. Some main narrative elements are written by the players as well, while others are randomly drawn.
Leitmotiv:Amalgam, kitchen, cookies, personal relationships, failure, secrets.
Handouts:Recipe for Q.
Recipe for B.
Equipment & Ingredients
Fortune cookie sheets