Here’s the recipe for today’s game: Two characters who haven’t seen each other in a long time, garnished with an unlikely chemistry; One failure to ward off, with a good helping of assorted setbacks; One or more pieces of honest advice, to taste. All these ingredients, well-amalgamated and baked for a little over an hour, will yield a light story that makes for a wonderful afternoon break. In fact, the secret ingredient is cookies.

Q.B. is a live action roleplaying game that mixes dialogue, narration, and cooking. No need for experience in the kitchen, nor with this kind of game. All that matters is being willing to have a chat while you bake a batch of cookies. Probatum est.

Authors:Maria Guarneri
Roles:2. No gender suggestions.
Time:1 hour.
The characters’ relationship is defined by the players. Some main narrative elements are written by players as well, while others are randomly drawn.
Leitmotiv:Amalgam, kitchen, cookies, personal relationships, failure, secrets.
Handouts:Recipe for Q.
Recipe for B.
Materials & Ingredients
Fortune cookies

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