Capybara Day

Does every day look the same to you? Is your routine starting to feel like a cage? And what if you were truly, actually, literally trapped in an endless loop – what would you be willing to do to break free? The solution might be closer than you think. Sometimes, all you need to do is think outside of the box and maybe follow a capybara.

The Protagonist of Capybara Day will face a parade of perfectly identical days. Meanwhile, the rest of the players will breathe life into the Environment where the Protagonist moves, all with a good helping of altruism. All in the words of improv theatre guru Keith Johnstone: «Make your partner look good!».

Author:Simone Bonetti
Roles:3 to 7. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.
All roles are generated by players. The structure lends itself to all kinds of settings. Let’s go wild!
Leitmotiv:Pressure, routine, surreal humour, lateral thinking, altruism in play, escalating time limits.
Handouts:Time factor
Order of the day
Protagonist sheet
Supporting character sheets
Who framed Andy Allison?

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