A quiet place in hell

«The bad news? You have all recently died and are now sentenced to eternal damnation. The good news? You have been permitted to enter Hell’s real estate market and purchase yourself suitable housing for at least a little reprieve from all the torment. The problem? Not all quiet places are created equal».

A quiet place in Hell presents players with an experience of pure American freeform, as they step into the shoes of a group of Recently deceased souls, looking for a place to stay in the Afterlife. Players will collaborate in drawing their own questionably idyllic homes together, and then tour them with one of Hell’s laconic realtors: One might imagine what could go wrong from there.
A dark comedy about the horrors of the real estate market and human pettiness.

Author:Evan Torner.

3 to 9. No gender suggestions.

Time:2 hours.

Real estate offerings are determined collectively. A simple character creation system allows for variation between games. Hidden information is scarce.

Leitmotiv:Comedy, linear story, everyday life, surrealism, metaphysics.
Handouts:Hell’s Realtor character sheet
The Unloved character sheet
The Sighing one character sheet
The Possessor character sheet
The Angry drunk character sheet
The Soul of the party character sheet
The Sociopath character sheet
The Rising star character sheet
The Mistaken character sheet
Draw your ideal home worksheets

Infinite minutes

Something has reduced the ability of solar rays to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, and the planet is facing its own slow death. International project Tardigrade III has developed spacefaring vessels capable of travelling at the speed of light, reaching the Sun in less than 8 minutes and storing enough energy to power the world for a few decades.
But the return trip won’t be as quick: The ship will take fourteen years to get back to Earth. How will the crew of the Infinite handle their few waking moments from cryogenic sleep, just a handful of hours before each new gravitational slingshot?

Infinite minutes is about the clash of two opposing forces: personal affections and responsibility towards the human race. The aim of the game is to explore the soul of each crew member in search of their breaking point, through a series of messages created by the players to weave the illusion of distance from home, both in time and in space. What will the Astronauts be willing to lose to succeed in their mission? How will their feelings influence them?

Author:Antonio Amato.

7 to 9.  No gender suggestions.

Time:4 hours.


Wide roster of roles. The game mechanics dictate the creation of characters and messages.


Space travel, distance, technology, humanity, responsibility, affection, science fiction.

Handouts:ID cards
Personal profiles
Flight plan
Artificial Intelligence protocol
Command protocol
Flight protocol
Scientific protocol
Communication protocol
Security protocol
Evaluation protocol

La belle confusione

Live-Action RolePlaying is the next big thing! And we’re the ones who run the best games! We are young and hungry. No one has ever been where we are now and it feels like the sky’s our only limit. What will our next game be about?
Well, it’s still a secret right now, so just wait for the official announcement.
Or don’t wait, just sign up!

La Belle Confusione tells the story of an (in)famous LARP collective at the height of its glory. The game begins just after another successful event and ends with the announcement of their next big thing.
The scenario will span six scenes, in which six players will struggle with problems of inspiration and frustration, friendship and rivalry, success and failure. It is a series of snapshots portraying various steps of the creative process.

Authors:Mikołaj Wicher.
Roles:6 no gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

The game can be played multiple times, with the same character or a different one. No secrets.


Neorealism, Boheme, elite, meta reflection, documentary, LARP,
teamwork, artists, show business.

Handouts:Boss’s character sheet
Big J’s character sheet
Cobra’s character sheet
Phoenix’s character sheet
Snowflake’s character sheet
Random’s character sheet

Old friends

«Back in the Nineties we were a team. We hunted ghosts together and put a lot of souls to rest. Like any team we were a mess of individual flaws, contradictions and rivalry, but it worked. It worked until Sara died. It happened at a haunted school. And that was it. We were done. Disbanded after the criminal investigation.
The authorities led the death away as “natural causes”. We all knew better, but kept our mouths shut. What choice did we have? And now here we are: the same school, the same classroom. Renovated, painted, bright. The past has brought us back together. Together for that one last job».

In Old Friends, the investigation of a haunted school will lead the players through a series of ghostly Possessions. The game will begin with a ritual, opening the way for unfortunate souls to enter the hunters’ minds: Only after all characters have suffered through at least one Possession will they be able to perform the closing ritual.
Will our ghost hunters finally find the strength to leave their past behind? Or are they doomed to fail?

Authors:Ole Peder Giæver and Jason Morningstar

4 to 5. No gender suggestions.

Time:3 hours.

The characters will be defined by random cards, as will the Possession game mechanic.


Ghosts, possession, guilt, flow of time, death, friendship, trust.

Handouts:Team role cards
Backstory cards
Problem with the living cards
Problem with the dead cards
Possession cards
Keyword cards
Warm-up cards

Listen at the Maximum Volume

Listen at the Maximum Volume was one of the greatest bands of all time. They sold millions of albums, filled up stadiums all around the world, had their picture on the cover of thousands of magazines and became wealthy beyond belief.
But all of it is gone. Fifteen years ago something happened, the band split up, and their life has never been the same again. Now, after a long time, they have finally agreed to talk about what happened and see if the time has come to give the band a second chance.

In Listen at the Maximum Volume the players will be members of a band that is meeting again for the first time fifteen years after its breakup: Their reunion will bring out repressed anger and past joys, and give rise to expectations, grudges and the opportunity to forgive and start anew.
Music will be the red thread running through the improvisation, thanks to random cards that will define each character’s role in the band and its dissolution.
Is a new beginning truly possible?

Author:Luiz Prado.

3 to 6. No gender suggestions.

Time:2 hours.

The roles are not defined by character sheets. The prompts given by the random cards are both numerous and diverse.


Music, sorrow, regret, frustration, split-ups, guilt, vanity, nostalgia.

Handouts:Sheet music
Attitude Cards
Lineup Cards
Recollection Cards

Letters not about love

What to write about! My whole life is a letter to you. Writing about love is forbidden, so I’ll write about two brothers. That ought to be sufficiently remote. Bratishka and Starik, the younger and the elder, bound together and torn apart by a single, crazy train ride.
In search of her, from St. Petersburg to Moscow, while reality runs past the window, bathed in reddish light.

No character sheets, but an exchange of letters. No unity of action or place, but the five legs of a journey. No definite ending, but the whims of fate lurking behind every corner. No love story… Or is there one? It’s hard to tell, with a Russia straight out of a novel casting its melancholy shadow over it all.

Authors:Oscar Biffi & Alessandro Giovannucci
Roles:2 males.
Time:2 hours.
Room for interpretation in the relationship between the two characters. Multiple endings, dictated by game mechanics.
Leitmotiv:Brothers, letters, love, revolution, Russian literature, turn of the century, train journey.
Handouts:Itinerary for Bratishka’s player
Letters for Bratishka
Itinerary for Starik’s player
Letters for Starik