is an idea generator belonging to live action roleplayers, and its spotlights set the stage for the Italian Chamber Orchestra, the one and only ensemble without instruments or scores. The only way to play is pretending, and improv is our jam.

Chamber / live action / role-playing. Easier done than said, but curiosity is a good starting point and we do our best to answer the question:  «What’s this all about?». We invite you to see for yourself what happens when role-playing games go live / laɪv /. Written like we say it, because what intrigues us most is how things work in practice.

This self-managed stage exists to make stories together and to play characters without a public, just for ourselves. We call them chamber games because they’re playable in any context and in just a few hours. We only need a few friends and a scenario. No game masters, no facilitators. Just players.

Our Grand Tour of writing labs and playing conventions may be in Italy only, but have no fear: you can join our jam session with Crescendo Giocoso, a series of anthologies collecting our best games in a revised, fine-tuned edition. Just ask for your copy!

Our music has reached the other side of the ocean to play for the judges of the Indie Groundbreaker Awards, one of the most cutting-edge international prizes in the field of roleplaying games. Crescendo Giocoso Ritornello is the Game of the Year for 2021!

If any of this sounds good to you, we don’t care how much or how little experience you feel you have. We want you to play with us. Come join our Orchestra!