Building a XORS

The long awaited moment. First contact. Radio signals blindly reaching out across the stars have finally reached their long awaited destination. Sentient life. Or at least, sentient life with adequate enough technology and inadequate instinct toward self-preservation to reach back out and grasp our outstretched hands. The barrier to communication is still very high, but we are making progress. We’ve learned enough to know they’re on their way.

Building a XORS is a game that mixes third encounters of the third kind with that profound and deeply human pastime: furniture assembly. Our first extraterrestrial visitors are on their way, but preparations must be made. Something called a XORS. They sent pieces, but their method of providing instruction is… Unorthodox. Through a series of visions, players will attempt to produce a XORS, learn more about each other, and interpret the aliens’ true intentions.

Authors:Kathryn Hymes & Hakan Seyalioğlu
Roles:4 to 8. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.
There’s a high degree of interpretation for characters and instructions. Fixed sequence in every game.
Leitmotiv:Building furniture, aliens, surreal, uncertainty, blanket forts.
Handouts:Tasker briefing
Character sheets

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