Mutiny on the Asp

The wind is high, the sailors’ blood is up, and the captain has set a course… Away from the biggest prize the Asp will ever have the chance to plunder! The captain is certain that the Spanish treasure galleon will be too well guarded for the Asp to survive and many agree with the experienced sailor’s judgement, but no one signs onto a pirate vessel to shy away from bloody risk in the face of tremendous riches, and what was once a united crew now finds itself on the brink of mutiny.

Mutiny on the Asp follows the crew of a pirate ship as it builds itself up from nothing and then tears itself apart. Players will turn character outlines into a daring crew by charting their relationships through their early triumphs and failures in a series of theatre-style prologue scenes. Then cracks will appear and rumblings of mutiny will begin to take hold as the whole crew must decide whether to risk their lives on the biggest prize they’ve ever seen, or live to plunder another day.

Author:Joanna Piancastelli
Roles:6 to 14, no gender suggestions.
Time:3 hours.
Some content is repeated, but there are no secrets to spoil. Randomisation and player agency in character creation will make the characters different each time.
Leitmotiv:Piracy, backstabbing, relationships and division, risk and reward.
Handouts:The Captain’s speech
Character sheets

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