Mutiny on the Asp

The wind is high, the sailors’ blood is up, and the Captain has set a course… Away from the biggest prize the Asp will ever have the chance to plunder! The Captain is certain that the Spanish treasure galleon will be too well guarded for the Asp to survive and many agree with the experienced sailor’s judgement, but no one signs onto a pirate vessel to shy away from bloody risk. Or the promise of tremendous riches. What was once a united crew now finds itself on the brink of mutiny.

In Mutiny on the Asp, players come together to tell the story of a pirate crew. By stepping on an imaginary stage in small groups, they’ll chart their relationships through a series of Prologue scenes and see the success or failure of their last adventure in the Epilogue scenes. In between, fate will turn them into mutineers or loyalists. When the time comes to choose between the biggest prize they’ve ever seen or living to plunder another day, who will prevail? The Captain’s authority, the pirate’s free spirits, or the sudden blast of gunfire?

Author:Joanna Piancastelli
Roles:6 to 14. No gender suggestions. Additional sailors can join the game in a minor role.
Time:3 hours.
Prologue and Epilogue scenes have two variants each. Mutineer and Loyalist roles are randomly assigned. The final outcome is a mix of collective votes and random card draws.
Leitmotiv:Piracy, backstabbing, relationships and division, risk and reward.
Handouts:Signal flags and stage cues
Mutiny cards
Name tags
Character sheet: Captain Evers
Character sheet: Quartermaster Persad
Character sheet: First Mate Reyes
Character sheet: Weapons Master Creek
Character sheet: Sailing Master Shih
Character sheet: Surgeon Balkey
Character sheet: Shanty Caller Jack
Character sheet: Bosun Morgan
Character sheet: Cook Holst
Character sheet: Cannon Master Demir
Character sheet: Carpenter Rubio
Character sheet: Helm Wynn
Character sheet: Rigger Lunis
Character sheet: Vanguard Gambi
Character sheet: Able Sailor

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