It’s the oldest game in the world: Beasts race on the track and more beasts bet on them. When you lose, you double down; hold on enough and you’ll break even, maybe even turn your luck around. It’s a foolproof system, almost mathematical. Almost is a great word, though: You can’t be almost a winner. Nor can you be almost alive, for that matter. At what point does chance stop being a game?

In a Martingale, everything is decided by combinations. Not just the course of events, but the character sheets as well. No role stays the same from one game to the next and the flip of a coin can be enough to change everything. The result goes beyond heads or tails: What makes a difference is always a clash of wills, systems and superstitions. Every damn race ends right at the photo-finish.

Author:Oscar Biffi
Roles:3 male.
Time:2 hours.
The combinations are designed to make characters different from game to game. The results of the race are not predetermined and depend on character intervention.
Leitmotiv:Chance and risk, gambling, crime, self-fulfilment, horse-racing, twists of fate.
Race commentary

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