Letters not about love

What to write about! My whole life is a letter to you. Writing about love is forbidden, so I’ll write about two brothers. That ought to be sufficiently remote. Bratishka and Starik, the younger and the elder, bound together and torn apart by a single, crazy train ride.
In search of her, from St. Petersburg to Moscow, while reality runs past the window, bathed in reddish light.

No character sheets, but an exchange of letters. No unity of action or place, but the five legs of a journey. No definite ending, but the whims of fate lurking behind every corner. No love story… Or is there one? It’s hard to tell, with a Russia straight out of a novel casting its melancholy shadow over it all.

Authors:Oscar Biffi & Alessandro Giovannucci
Roles:2 males.
Time:2 hours.
Room for interpretation in the relationship between the two characters. Multiple endings, dictated by game mechanics.
Leitmotiv:Brothers, letters, love, revolution, Russian literature, turn of the century, train journey.
Handouts:Itinerary for Bratishka’s player
Letters for Bratishka
Itinerary for Starik’s player
Letters for Starik

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