A quiet place in hell

«The bad news? You have all recently died and are now sentenced to eternal damnation. The good news? You have been permitted to enter Hell’s real estate market and purchase yourself suitable housing for at least a little reprieve from all the torment. The problem? Not all quiet places are created equal».

A quiet place in Hell presents players with an experience of pure American freeform, as they step into the shoes of a group of Recently deceased souls, looking for a place to stay in the Afterlife. Players will collaborate in drawing their own questionably idyllic homes together, and then tour them with one of Hell’s laconic realtors: One might imagine what could go wrong from there.
A dark comedy about the horrors of the real estate market and human pettiness.

Author:Evan Torner.

3 to 9. No gender suggestions.

Time:2 hours.

Real estate offerings are determined collectively. A simple character creation system allows for variation between games. Hidden information is scarce.

Leitmotiv:Comedy, linear story, everyday life, surrealism, metaphysics.
Handouts:Hell’s Realtor character sheet
The Unloved character sheet
The Sighing one character sheet
The Possessor character sheet
The Angry drunk character sheet
The Soul of the party character sheet
The Sociopath character sheet
The Rising star character sheet
The Mistaken character sheet
Draw your ideal home worksheets

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