Listen at the Maximum Volume

Listen at the Maximum Volume was one of the greatest bands of all time. They sold millions of albums, filled up stadiums all around the world, had their picture on the cover of thousands of magazines and became wealthy beyond belief.
But all of it is gone. Fifteen years ago something happened, the band split up, and their life has never been the same again. Now, after a long time, they have finally agreed to talk about what happened and see if the time has come to give the band a second chance.

In Listen at the Maximum Volume the players will be members of a band that is meeting again for the first time fifteen years after its breakup: Their reunion will bring out repressed anger and past joys, and give rise to expectations, grudges and the opportunity to forgive and start anew.
Music will be the red thread running through the improvisation, thanks to random cards that will define each character’s role in the band and its dissolution.
Is a new beginning truly possible?

Author:Luiz Prado.

3 to 6. No gender suggestions.

Time:2 hours.

The roles are not defined by character sheets. The prompts given by the random cards are both numerous and diverse.


Music, sorrow, regret, frustration, split-ups, guilt, vanity, nostalgia.

Handouts:Sheet music
Attitude Cards
Lineup Cards
Recollection Cards

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