Old friends

«Back in the Nineties we were a team. We hunted ghosts together and put a lot of souls to rest. Like any team we were a mess of individual flaws, contradictions and rivalry, but it worked. It worked until Sara died. It happened at a haunted school. And that was it. We were done. Disbanded after the criminal investigation.
The authorities led the death away as “natural causes”. We all knew better, but kept our mouths shut. What choice did we have? And now here we are: the same school, the same classroom. Renovated, painted, bright. The past has brought us back together. Together for that one last job».

In Old Friends, the investigation of a haunted school will lead the players through a series of ghostly Possessions. The game will begin with a ritual, opening the way for unfortunate souls to enter the hunters’ minds: Only after all characters have suffered through at least one Possession will they be able to perform the closing ritual.
Will our ghost hunters finally find the strength to leave their past behind? Or are they doomed to fail?

Authors:Ole Peder Giæver and Jason Morningstar

4 to 5. No gender suggestions.

Time:3 hours.

The characters will be defined by random cards, as will the Possession game mechanic.


Ghosts, possession, guilt, flow of time, death, friendship, trust.

Handouts:Team role cards
Backstory cards
Problem with the living cards
Problem with the dead cards
Possession cards
Keyword cards
Warm-up cards

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