La belle confusione

Live-Action RolePlaying is the next big thing! And we’re the ones who run the best games! We are young and hungry. No one has ever been where we are now and it feels like the sky’s our only limit. What will our next game be about?
Well, it’s still a secret right now, so just wait for the official announcement.
Or don’t wait, just sign up!

La Belle Confusione tells the story of an (in)famous LARP collective at the height of its glory. The game begins just after another successful event and ends with the announcement of their next big thing.
The scenario will span six scenes, in which six players will struggle with problems of inspiration and frustration, friendship and rivalry, success and failure. It is a series of snapshots portraying various steps of the creative process.

Authors:Mikołaj Wicher.
Roles:6 no gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

The game can be played multiple times, with the same character or a different one. No secrets.


Neorealism, Boheme, elite, meta reflection, documentary, LARP,
teamwork, artists, show business.

Handouts:Boss’s character sheet
Big J’s character sheet
Cobra’s character sheet
Phoenix’s character sheet
Snowflake’s character sheet
Random’s character sheet

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