The quiet game

Close your eyes. We’re going back to childhood, before words, before the complexities of adult relationships. Back to pure feelings, meeting and clashing. As we give and receive emotions we’ll learn to know each other, through fights and games and moments of loneliness. Up until we look into each other’s eyes and realise we’re all grown up. 
But there is a price to pay. There always is.

The quiet game is a fully silent scenario, where every interaction between the characters is conveyed through movement and touch. A group of nameless, voiceless children goes through a daily life made of rituals, games and gestures, all the while searching for their lost identities. Through the looking glass of this strange childhood, players get the chance to engage with their base emotions, to know themselves, to see themselves in each other’s eyes.

Author:Costanza Chelidonio, Matteo Davolio, Maria Guarneri, Simone Paci & Samuele Vitale
Roles:12 to 24. No gender suggestions.
Time:3 hours.

Characters are not predetermined. The game experience is focused and very unusual.

Leitmotiv:Childhood, growth, loss, emotion, colours.
Handouts:Return to childhood
Game phases
All the colours of emotion

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