The littlest village

The Village has always existed, and its pillars are the Three Laws. Space is scarce, so it must be shared. Unity is strength, so two must live as one. The Taboo is our shield, so it must be respected. They have never been challenged. Not until now.
Nothing lasts forever, not even the Three Laws, not even our Village. Now the Taboo lies broken, our harmony shattered, and all we can do is cling to the only thing that’s left in spite of everything: the bonds we share.

The littlest village puts space front and centre: the physical space of a town square and the intimate space of the villagers’ relationships. We will navigate a colourful tangle of threads, strung up for us to stretch and strain and sever.
As we alternate days of strife with nights of reflection, will our Village torn apart by Discord find its way to a new balance?

Author:Antonio Amato, Margherita Di Cicco, Chiara Locatelli, Lapo Luchini & Alessio Rossi.
Roles:12. No gender suggestions.
Time:3 hours.

The character sheets and community structure are predefined, but developed through open questions for players.

Leitmotiv:Community, social pressure, progress and tradition, relationships, space, threads.
Handouts:Couple sheets
Genesis of the Taboo
Village Annals

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