Fire and lead

Rome, 1973. La dolce vita gives way to years of lead as violent crime puts the Capital to fire and sword. In a police station, another round of the old dance begins: cigarette butts and a glaring lamp; fists on the table and a tied tongue. How many interrogations have the three perps suffered before? How many has the detective conducted? But this time, things are different. The stakes are much higher. And time is running out.

The story of Fire and lead unfolds over two separate rooms. In one, a barrage of fast-paced interrogations. In the other, what remains of a criminal gang, waiting to be questioned one-on-one by the detective. The two spaces are isolated, with no way to tell what’s being said on the other side of the wall. And in the background, the breaking news get more worrying by the minute. 

Author:Elio Amicarelli, Marco Andreetto, Margherita Di Cicco, Simone Micucci, Alessio Rossi & Lorenzo Trenti
Roles:4 male.
Time:2 hours.

Clues are predetermined and there is only one solution to the case, making the detective non-replayable, unlike other roles.

Leitmotiv:Years of Lead, Rome, interrogation, organised crime, political terrorism, violence, distrust, prisoner’s dilemma.
Robbery report
Memories and Gang’s notes
Incoming calls
Outgoing calls
Video track

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