The Duel

Your Excellency, upon our last meeting You offended me with neither cause nor right to act in such guise. For this must I conclude that Your Excellency despises me, and therefore wishes to cast me from the number of the living. I can and I shall satisfy Your wish. I hereby invite Your Excellency to join me and mine second in such a place wherein You would not be held guilty of offending the laws of the Serenissima by slaying me, and I would be granted the same grace should God assist me in killing You.

Before the guns go off, The Duel unfolds over ten steps. In between them are the crucial moments that brought the duelists, their seconds and the judge to this fateful encounter. The flashbacks play out in reverse, from the throwing of the gauntlet to the sincere friendship that once existed between the protagonists. This backstory is woven on the spur of the moment, without a script, like an old play from Commedia dell’Arte.

Author:Oscar Biffi
Roles: 5. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.
Replayability: High.

The duel follows strict rules, but the matter of honour is invented by the players.

Leitmotiv:Honour, Ancien Regime, Republic of Venice, Commedia dell’Arte, meaning of nobility.

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