Naked stone

The Children of Man possess a dark wit indeed. Stone upon stone, we have seen them build a house in which to lose themselves. They call it Labyrinth. In its heart hides the promise of their ruin, the promise of our victory.
Everything within the house is repeated countless times, but the three of us seem to exist only once. We hold the torch in the dark. The flame crackles and trembles.

In Naked stone, three players take on the role of Prodigies, at once more and less than Men. As they make their way through dark halls without ever leaving a single room, they are called to strip themselves of what made them who they are.
Who among them will shine light on the heart of the Labyrinth?

Author:Chiara Locatelli, Oscar Biffi & Dario Praselj
Roles:3. No gender suggestions.
Time:3 hours.

The Labyrinth offers many twists and turns; characters are a random combination of elements. Gradual revelations are a crucial part of the experience.

Leitmotiv:Labyrinth, metamorphosis, fantasy, constriction, liberation, meaning of humanity.
Handouts:Amulet Talismans
Bracer Talismans
Chain Talismans
Broken Talismans
Entrance and Hall
Forwards Direction
Left Direction
Right Direction

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