Today, tomorrow, never

The flat line of the walls around us. A border. 
The tall line of the bars between us. A border.
The straight line of the back I won’t bend. A border.
The broken line of the gaze you avert. A border.
Borders to count, to cross, to escape.
Today, tomorrow, never.

Today, tomorrow, never is a cycle of phases and rituals, just like the prison life it seeks to recreate. Standing between the characters are more than obvious physical barriers, and these subtle, impalpable borders will prove no easier to cross. The only thing we have plenty of is time to try.

Author:Oscar Biffi & Maria Guarneri
Roles:3 to 6. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

Roles are defined by random card combinations. The scenario consists of ritualised phases, but the result is always open-ended.

Leitmotiv:Prison, punishment, guilt, passage of time, complicity, bonds, friendship, lust for freedom
Handouts:Drummer’s Mugshot Sign
Fiend’s Mugshot Sign
Kite’s Mugshot Sign
J-Cat’s Mugshot Sign
Monkeymouth’s Mugshot Sign
Shank’s Mugshot Sign
Solitary confinement
Personal effects
Alienated Report
Convert Report
Innocent Report
Institutionalised Report
Mobster Report
Repentant Report

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