Today, tomorrow, never

The horizontal line of the walls around us. A border.
The vertical line of the bars between us. A border.
The straight line of the back I don’t bend. A border.
The broken line of the gaze you move away. A border.
Borders to count, to cross, to escape. Today, tomorrow, never.

Today, tomorrow, never is a scenario consisting of phases and rituals, just like the prison life it seeks to recreate. Standing between the characters are more than obvious, physical barriers: these subtle, impalpable borders will prove no easier to cross. The only thing we have is plenty of time to try.

Author:Oscar Biffi & Maria Guarneri
Roles:3 to 6. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

The roles are defined by random card combinations. The scenario is made up of ritualised phases, but the outcome is always open.

Leitmotiv:Prison, punishment, guilt, passage of time, complicity, bonds, friendship, lust for freedom.
Handouts:Mugshot signs
Solitary confinement
Personal effects

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