The Offering

O Gods and Goddesses, if you know mercy then turn your gaze upon our suffering and show us the sin that sullies our hands. Protectors of our people, show us the offering that pleases you and let us renew our pact in blood. Our blood for the blood of our enemies, your peace for our victory in war. Show us the offering.

The Offering is brought before the gods in a time after Troy and before Rome, but far away from great cities and immortal heroes. A dark age, as murky as the events of the fateful midsummer’s night that brought ruin upon the people of the Long Hill. The seven characters sitting in the Circle will piece together those moments under the watchful eye of the gods, to divine their sacred will and offer them a rightful sacrifice.

Author:Daniele Di Rubbo, Lorenzo Mannella, Federico Misirocchi & Veronica Pellegrini 
Roles: 7. 1 female, 3 male, 3 unspecified.
Time:2 hours.

The fateful midsummer’s night is defined by some specific events. Players choose how to piece them together and determine their meaning.

Leitmotiv:Bronze age, human sacrifice, sacrality, bread, flour and blood.
Handouts:Rite of the Circle
Character sheets

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