Time out

Dear future me. Why am I writing this? Because I’m curious, as all kids are. Am I still like that? Curious, I mean. Or, will you be like that? I mean present you. Which I guess is still me. You know what I mean. There are so many things I want to ask you, though there’s one I know already: The band will always be together.

Dear past me. Why am I writing this? As a kid you think adults have all the answers, as a teenager you think they don’t know a single thing. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between. There are so many things I’d like you to know, though there’s one I’d rather you never learned: Nothing lasts forever.

In Time out, four players live as a band of teenagers over the best summer of their youth, while the remaining four step into the shoes of that same group of friends in the crucial moments of their adult lives. The two players of every character meet between scenes, sharing wishes and memories, each time asking a single question: How much does the past influence the future… And vice versa?

Author:Michela Bernini, Oscar Biffi, Adriano Bompani,
Gigi D’Amore, Ale Romanzin & Nicola Urbinati
Roles:8. No gender suggestions.
Time:3 hours.

The two character groups have different game experiences. Each player must contribute creatively. Scenes begin with predetermined prompts.

Leitmotiv:Nostalgia, time, youth, friendship, wishes and memories.
Handouts:Letter from Past A_____
Letter from Past B_____
Letter from Past C_____
Letter from Past D_____
Letter from Future A_____
Letter from Future B_____
Letter from Future C_____
Letter from Future D_____
Past Diaries
Future Diaries

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