4 – 3

The city stops, gathered around the stadium. The derby splits it in two. In the locker room, eleven players prepare for so much more than just another game. On the other side of the wall, their long-time rivals. A ritual, a sacred space for the length of the match, only extinguished by the referee’s final blow on the whistle. And in between, some sublime moments and many ridiculous episodes. In a word, football.

4 – 3 is all about teamplay and the match is a ritual of gestures and movement. But the result is determined by what happens in the locker room. As the athletes prepare to face yet another epic challenge, their stories and decisions interweave like a web of passes. Will they miss or score a goal?

Author:Oscar Biffi & Alessandro Giovannucci
Roles:7 to 11. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

The outcomes of the match are multiple and hard to foresee. The characters are defined by a combination of cards.

Leitmotiv:Football, derby, rivalry, locker room, sublime and grotesque, epic of challenge, romanticised sports.
Pre-match warmup
Flow of the match
Commentator’s table

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