Alzh & Imer

Light of my eyes, I wish you never looked at me like that again. Like I was an actor playing the same part over and over. I wish I could remember who you are and why I feel like I love you, but the truth is I’ve forgotten my own name.

My love, I wish you never looked at me like that again. Like you’ve never seen me before. I wish I could help you remember, and that’s what I do day after day, but I fear I’ll only want to remember you the way you were after you’ve left me forever.

In Alzh & Imer, players portray an elderly couple struggling with a chronic, degenerative, invalidating disorder. Alzheimer’s disease affects not only the person it touches, but their loved ones as well: The partner will take care of the patient and engage in a daily struggle against the disease, guilty of taking their beloved away.

Author:Antonio Amato
Roles:2. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

There are no character sheets. Scenes are guided by a series of questions that can change from game to game. The game experience is focused and not at all light.

Leitmotiv:Alzheimer’s disease, illness, memory, lost stories, love.
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