With Grandpa at the head

Every country has its laws, every family has its rules. Ours are few and simple: Grandpa sits at the head and we keep fights out of the dining room. Of course we all love each other, but being stuck in the same room all day is a whole other thing… Will we manage to keep it together till the end of the night, so we can just forget about our dearest relatives until the next family gathering? Or will someone end up spilling their guts and ruining the evening?

With Grandpa at the head, oblivious to his family’s clash of personalities and awkward pauses in conversation, the dining room is a no man’s land. Only his voice, delivered through an audio track, can warm up the tense atmosphere. 
Who knows? In between anecdotes, there may be a chance for the gathered relatives to finally say what they really think. At the risk of jump-starting an avalanche of in-fighting and confessions. But they ought to be careful not to hurt Grandpa’s feelings, or this might be their last dinner as a family. 

Authors:Mirco Gaviano, Chiara Locatelli & Marco Tamburrino
Roles:7 to 12. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

The game is directed through an audio track. Different elements and secrets may emerge from game to game. 

Leitmotiv:Extended family, Italian-style comedy, fond memories and bad blood, irony, hypocrisy, secrets. 
Handouts:Voice of experience
Voice of dismay
Family tree
Rules of good manners

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