Infinite minutes

Something has reduced the ability of solar rays to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, and the planet is facing its own slow death. International project Tardigrade III has developed spacefaring vessels capable of travelling at the speed of light, reaching the Sun in less than 8 minutes and storing enough energy to power the world for a few decades.
But the return trip won’t be as quick: The ship will take fourteen years to get back to Earth. How will the crew of the Infinite handle their few waking moments from cryogenic sleep, just a handful of hours before each new gravitational slingshot?

Infinite minutes is about the clash of two opposing forces: personal affections and responsibility towards the human race. The aim of the game is to explore the soul of each crew member in search of their breaking point, through a series of messages created by the players to weave the illusion of distance from home, both in time and in space. What will the Astronauts be willing to lose to succeed in their mission? How will their feelings influence them?

Author:Antonio Amato.

7 to 9.  No gender suggestions.

Time:4 hours.


Wide roster of roles. The game mechanics dictate the creation of characters and messages.


Space travel, distance, technology, humanity, responsibility, affection, science fiction.

Handouts:ID cards
Personal profiles
Flight plan
Artificial Intelligence protocol
Command protocol
Flight protocol
Scientific protocol
Communication protocol
Security protocol
Evaluation protocol

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