Winds of change

It’s common knowledge that there are as many wars as there are fairy tales, and it’s easy to think there is nothing left to learn about them. Wars between peoples, between friends, between brothers – these tales have been told time and time again. But if one bears a bookmark in the great tome of human folly, it should be the war between Polabians and Vendevians. A nation torn asunder, like black and white, from one day to the next.
Its witnesses are seven youths, seven friends, seven partners in misfortune. What does it mean to grow up together, when the winds of change blow everything apart?

Winds of change is not set in a real country, nor does it focus on the horrors of historical wars. Instead, it tries to tell the tale of seven lives made surreal by a world that seems to have lost its mind.
The characters are revealed through letters and journal pages, mute testimonies, fragments of existence waiting to be re-assembled. Four scenes, each set seven years apart from its neighbours, will beat out the merciless flow of time.

Author:Oscar Biffi
Roles:7, 6 male and 1 female.
Time:2 hours.

Although the game is completely open-ended, the four scenes map out the main points of its story.

Leitmotiv:War and oppression, fairytales and reality, friendship and diversity, social pressure and the burden of choice.
Handouts:Veles’ memoirs
Jarilo’s memoirs

Ziva’s memoirs

Svetovit’s memoirs

Kresnik’s memoirs

Tawals’ memoirs

Borevit’s memoirs


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