Wanderers above the Sea of Fog

Three con artists. A fake painting. An almost perfect plan.
The Three signatures are more than a criminal gang– they’re a family. But what should have been their last great masterpiece is about to become their swan song. What choice will they make when they find themselves cornered? Money and the chance to finally start a new life, or a friendship that might just turn into a prison?

In Wanderers above the Sea of Fog each character is portrayed by two players- one for their real identity, one for their part in the fraud; one for their bonds and feelings, one for their lust for money; one for their Brains and one for their Brawn. Even the Gull has a hidden side, however, and ripping them off will prove to be a difficult task.

Author:Oscar Biffi
Roles:7-8, no gender suggestions.
Time:3 hours.

The game experience differs greatly between Brains and Brawn, the story is open-ended and plot twists are entirely up to the players.

Leitmotiv:Con artists versus real artists, friendship versus ambition, crime versus integrity, style versus power.
Handouts:Chaucer / Austen’s character sheet
Marlowe / Woolf’s character sheet

Byron / Shelley’s character sheet

Moriarty’s character sheet
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