The Age of Men

Since time immemorial, the people of the Vale have been fighting a desperate battle against Dragons. A conflict that would have already been lost centuries ago, were it not for the Regents. Thanks to their gifts, a spark of hope has finally ignited in the hearts of men: The shadows of Dragons no longer darken the skies.
But celebrations were cut short, for not long after the victory the Regent of  Zamar and the Oracle of the Monastery were found dead, perhaps assassinated. And now, amidst the turmoil, a summons comes…

The Age of Men puts forward a mystery to unravel, not to come to the right conclusion, but to guide the characters through hard decision after hard decision. The protagonists will need to uncover the truth about themselves by looking at their own reflection in the eyes of others. Will they be able to trust each other? What will they sacrifice for the greater good? Will they be the heroes humanity needs?
The answer is in their choices, set to a pressing, epic rhythm, like in the best fantasy novels.

Author:Lorenzo Martinelli
Roles:9, 7 male and 2 female.
Time:3 hours.

Uncovering the characters’ secrets is a vital part of the game. There are multiple possible endings and different roles face different themes.

Leitmotiv:Dragons, fantasy, spells, conflict between good and evil, power and responsibility, the value of family, the meaning of love.
Handouts:Allen’s character sheet
Solomon’s character sheet
Drystan’s character sheet
Faramond’s character sheet
Ninon’s character sheet
Wilhelm’s character sheet
Renier’s character sheet
Lylie’s character sheet
Giraut’s character sheet
Finale diagram

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