Something about us

Florence, 2016. The apartment block in Via dell’Olmo 27 is, like any respectable apartment block, a land of relationships, quarrels and disputes. Behind every door lies a world the other residents know nothing about, and within each set of walls prisoners coexist, victims of their inability to communicate: couples growing ever more distant, men and women locked in a quest for solace.
From the outside, a young manager observes the ups and downs of this particular  corner of humanity and wonders: Is there a way to truly understand each other, or are we all inevitably doomed to solitude?

In Something about us, players will step into the shoes of the occupants of Via dell’Olmo 27 and attend two meetings of the residents’ council, bearing the weight of their secrets, their frustrations, and all the things they never got to say– perhaps to someone important.
Maybe between one meeting and the next the daily grind will finally allow them some time to talk eye to eye with that person, if only for a brief moment. There’s no telling what may come to the surface and what will be left unsaid.

Authors:Barbara Fini & Rafu
Roles:10, 5 male and 5 female.
Time:3 hours.

Information on the other roles is incomplete by necessity.
The middle section is managed with an auction, and the results are never the same.


Italy, love, activism, loneliness, drug abuse, adultery, infertility, illness, maternity, suicidal thoughts, homosexuality, poverty, emigration,  incommunicability.

Handouts:Luciano Avellini’s character sheet
Alice Gabbrieli’s character sheet
Vincenzo Salemi’s character sheet
Camilla Lanzi’s character sheet
Gioele Zacchei’s character sheet
Rosa Mistretta’s character sheet
Giada Fadda’s character sheet
Ria Santos’ character sheet
Dario Ristori’s character sheet
Attilio Daddioli’s character sheet
Meeting notices
Map of the building
Names for the auction

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