Sturm und Drang

Christ, what the hell is going on? Have you ever seen this kind of shit?
Rain, thunder, ice, flames… Fuck, all that’s missing is frogs! It’s like the sky is falling. Being outside is suicide, what with this damn wall of water crumpling you up and pushing you around. Trying to drive is even worse: The hail is just gonna wreck everything and leave you caged in your car. I need a place to save my hide.
66 Stop Groceries? Okay, the third 6 some lunatic sprayed on the sign doesn’t help, but I have no choice. This damn night came straight out of the Devil’s asshole.

In Sturm und Drang, the players are called to flesh out and weave together the murky stories of characters at a crossroads in their lives. In the heart of the storm of the century, they’ll shine light on pieces of their past that may push them towards a new beginning, a turning point, or simply to their end, in a postmodern  tragedy meant for players looking for thrills and ready to get their hands dirty.

Author:Andrea Rinaldi
Roles:11 or 9, 7 male and 4 (or 2) female.
Time:3 hours.

Character relationships can develop differently in every iteration.
The investigation is less replicable.

Leitmotiv:Postmodern, crisis, tragedy, squalor, violence, death, rape, perversion, drug abuse, mental illness, suicide, racism, burglary, disease, blood, anger, vengeance.
Handouts:Kennet Hicks’ character sheet
Konstantin Bartosz’s character sheet
Trice Hetad’s character sheet
Robert Garland’s character sheet
Lilian Thurman’s character sheet
Ellison Harlan’s character sheet
Gary Ghronel’s character sheet
Heather Smith’s character sheet
Dante Sparrow’s character sheet
Frank Cunningham’s character sheet
Mark Einnod’s character sheet
Note on the three acts
Notes on Shining light

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