Pantheon Club

The world has changed. The Gods no longer live on Mount Olympus: They walk among us. Lost in the scent of nectar and ambrosia, they were blind to catastrophe. The sun has set forever. Zeus has banished Apollo from the most exclusive of clubs, the Pantheon. The God of the Sun was beautiful, powerful, successful. He was the best of them. What was so wrong about him? Who is going to be next?

Pantheon Club looks at peer pressure through the lens of myth. What drives someone to take an important part of their identity and drown it in silence? To never dare tell anyone else about it? Apollo’s fall from grace is a pretext for participants to put their own silences in play, safely hidden behind Godlike façades.

Author:Maria Guarneri, Lorenzo Mannella & Nicola Urbinati
Roles:5 to 10. No gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.

Players’ personal input is crucial to the scenario. The game experience is thus focused and specific to the group.

Leitmotiv:Peer pressure, marginalisation, friendship, diversity, prejudice, silence
Handouts:Character sheet
Descent into the Underworld
Prophecy of Apollo and Judgement of Zeus

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