First they came

Berlin, 1942. In a chilling climate of suspicion, at the height of the Third Reich’s delirium of power, blood and steel, the SS comb the streets looking for the last undesirables of the regime, those who managed to survive wave after wave of deportations and summary executions. Cowering inside a building in the squalid outskirts of the city, three people listen as shrill whistles dissect the air of the coldest winter in human history, spurring the bloodhounds in their search. They know they must hide, lest this be their end.

In First they came, players will step into the shoes of three opponents of the Third Reich to feel the pain and paranoia carved into the hearts of the German people by the persecutions of the regime. By reliving the characters’ trials, they will have a chance to understand how they came to their predicament.
What mistakes and atrocities did they condone to save their own lives? Were they part of the problem, as well?

Authors:Andrea & Alessandro Giovannucci
Roles:3, no gender suggestions.
Time:1 hour.

The three character sheets are made up of multiple-choice questions. The audio track that will span the length of the game also comes in two versions.

Leitmotiv:Guilt, egoism, melancholy, indifference, resistance and complicity in the Nazi regime
Handouts:Anna / Aaron’s character sheet
Bathilde / Berthold’s character sheet
Christina / Camill’s character sheet
Apartment inventory
Audio track 01
Audio track 02

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