The last sunset

In a room like countless others, a couple is called to face their buried past and its far-reaching shadow, following them to the last, crucial sunset. A man, a woman, a pointed gun and distant memories fill the last rays of light as the day comes to its end.

Regret, success, failure, desire: It’s all about choices.
In The last sunset those made by the players will define the present situation, as well as the relationship developed by the characters over the years. Envelope after envelope, choice after choice, they will decide which of eight letters will dictate the couple’s fate. What could its contents reveal?

Author:Francesco Rugerfred Sedda
Roles:2, 1 male and 1 female.
Time:1 hour.

Multiple endings. The experience greatly varies between roles: the female character, Lynx, is fully replayable, while the male character, Falcon, is not.

Leitmotiv:Regret, remorse, melancholy, life as a couple, pulp, deep web.
Handouts:Falcon’s character sheet
Lynx’s character sheet
Possible ending letters

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