And so it was that War came to the Island they called home. It made them castaways, threw them to the mercy of the winds and the biplanes from the Mainland, as the soaring terrors tear through every spell known to the Archipelago. Before them lies the infinite expanse of the Sea, with no hope in sight.
But the waves carry messages in bottles, precious fragments of a past that may yet return meaning to the future.

With five bottles to build an imaginary boat, the players of Castaways are called to weave the prompts given by their character sheets and their own free interpretation
into improvised scenes to gift each other.
Each participant will see their role grow, change, even turn on its head, all thanks to the creativity of the group:  This absolute narrative freedom will bring to the surface both the true wishes of the characters, and the destination they will ultimately set sail for.

Author:Oscar Biffi
Roles:5, 3 male and 2 female.
Time:3 hours.

The creative tools available to the players make each iteration of the game unique.

Leitmotiv:War, the value of memories, the meaning of identity, the appetite for imagination, individuality and responsibility, collective narration.
Handouts:Alosa’s character sheet
Notacanto’s character sheet

Smeriglio’s character sheet

Lanzardo’s character sheet

Remora’s character sheet

Bottle labels

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