The beginning of the end

Two time travelers from conflicting sides of a millennia-spanning war meet during armistice. One knows their shared future; the other remembers their past. Each has every reason to hate the other one, yet they are bound together by what they share. For them, time is a map and they need to find a new path to tread.

There are no good endings, there are just, simply, endings. That’s how most stories go. The beginning of the end is not one of them. The players will plot a crash course for their characters, starting from two extremes; one manipulating the past from their future’s perspective, the other, making plans for a future of their choice. The scenario is designed to guide the characters to their shared present, and temporarily free the players from limitations of linear time.

Authors:Ell Glowacka & Karolina Fedyk
Roles:2, no gender suggestions.
Time:2 hours.
Characters are created by the players using objects from their environment. The story will vary greatly from one run to another.
Leitmotiv:Non-linear time, time travel, reconciliation and understanding, reconnecting with people you once knew, nostalgia, weight of experiences, loss.
Handouts:Character sheets

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