We like to think of live action roleplaying as something simple, almost natural. We’ve all played make-believe as children, impersonating this or that role: «Wanna play indians and cowboys?» is an ancient tradition.

In the beginning, humanity found in narration and storytelling one of the truest ways to connect with its kin; people started telling stories, and they did it without the all-too-often smothering, ineffectual patterns and categories we have to face today.

Flying Circus – Manifesto v 1.21

We consider ourselves heirs of this way of playing with stories, so we look for narrative tools, rather than mechanical ones, to relive that childlike spontaneity. We’ve given up on numbers and dice, we have fun with costumes and backdrops, but we believe in the value of minimalism when it allows people to unleash their own imagination.

Since this is a live action role-playing game, when you talk, drink a glass of water or take someone’s hand, your character does the same. Someone might have heard you, your glass may have been poisoned, the girl you’re holding could be someone else’s wife.

 Susi’s simple rules 

Although our activities focus on a particular, less-than-popular interpretation of roleplaying, we refuse to restrict ourselves to our niche, nor do we revel in it. Every game, every author, every player is different, and every new discovery enriches us.

We want to create ‘unidentified playing objects’, put the accent on the hybridisation and experimentation of genres and narrative techniques. Larp is an expanding galaxy. Not only do we believe that Larp can tackle any subject, but we also believe it can do so with the most diverse means. We want to hybridise with literature, music, theatre, visual arts and the new media. We want to harness the allegorical power of narratives, without obligations and without honouring any orthodoxy.

Southern Way – New Italian Larp

We like to savour our stories to the fullest, by writing and playing them out, with active participation in whatever we do. Playing pretend together keeps us safe and makes us dare at the same time: we put ourselves in play to connect with other people.

The one true rule of improvisation is to appreciate every prompt you get, to use them as starting points and develop them your own way. This is true for the author’s words: secrets must come to light, choices must be made. It is also true for the other characters’ suggestions: their inventions become reality and their actions have consequences.

Groove by Oscar & The Italian Chamber Orchestra

We’d add more and more quotes, but there’s always a story keeping us busy.
Instead of waiting up for us to get home, reach us: we’ll keep playing all night long.