is for live action roleplayers.
Those who when asked «Let’s pretend that I am a knight and you are a magician?» answer «Yes, Sir!» immediately, even if they don’t have fake beard and pointy hat right at hand. Because we believe in the three magic I: Imagination, Interpretation… And standIng. Play upright is always better than just sitting around a table, isn’t it?

We want to promote creation and participation in live action roleplaying games, rather than discussion about theory. So we prefer “laiv”, as you speak, to “live”, as you write. We look for games that can be played by everyone everywhere, expecially in conventions. Games that can be explained and organized in a short time. Yes, because on a closer look, there is a fourth magic I: Improvisation.

Our evil plans start with three people and three projects: Freeform, the convention for Italian authors who want to write new games and for players who don’t mind to be their laboratory rat; Chambercon, the convention for trying games from all around the world; and last but not least Canovacci, the archive open to all live action roleplaying games of our kind. Games written with the three, even four, magical I in mind.

If you’ve been one of us, you already have an idea of what we mean.
If you still don’t know, set your imagination free and come to play with us.
Because these are only words, the fun is out there and wait to be discovered.

Susi, Maria and Oscar But also all the marvelous players of

Rugerfred, Locandiere Simone, Rafu, Barbara,
Luigi, Luk, Gabriella, Lorenz, Marzia, Silvia,
Fedemisi, Benedetta, Glor, Vittorio, Arianna,
Valeria, Alessandro, Tenente Andrea, Sara,
Elena, Lapo, Stefano, Frapis, Ste, Valerio, Yuka,
Alessio, Elio, Simonetta, Lollo, Agnese, Filippo,
Fabrizio, Gabriele, Simone l’Onesto, Francesca,
Flavio, Iacopo, Gius, Amado, Marie, Giorgio,
Chiara, Veronica, Cilone, Marco