belongs to live action roleplayers.
Not just to the ones that already know the feeling of inventing stories and characters together, but also to the curious, to those who are unfamiliar with the idea and wonder: «What’s a roleplaying game?».

Not that we have all the answers, here: in fact, this is precisely why we keep playing and replaying, trying to feel for ourselves what happens when roleplay goes laiv.
You read that right: /laɪv/, written as we pronounce it. After all, though the games we love start out as words on a page, what fascinates us is the live experience, the tangible result of three wondrous capital ɪs:
Imagination, Interpretation and… In action.

There is actually a fourth ɪ, perhaps the one which identifies us the most: Improvisation. This autonomous space is in fact dedicated to a particular kind of game: they can be played by anyone, in any context, in the space of a few hours.
Scenarios we can play by ear, with the author’s words as a guide and nothing more.

We hold conventions to play them, and we’ve opened an archive to collect them, although both of these activities are closely tied to the Italian language.
But we didn’t want to give up the chance to dialogue with the rest of the world: hence the idea of putting together an orchestra. Music speaks to everyone, right?
The Italian Chamber Orchestra is our trump card to share some fine-tuned, translated scenarios, ready for the world after touring all around Italy.

Italians do it, for better or for worse.

Susi, Maria, OscarLorenz,
Rugerfred, Locandiere Simone,
Rafu, Patrizia, Luk, Gabriella, Marzia,
Silvia, Fedemisi, Benedetta, Lapo, Elena,
Glor, Vittorio, Arianna, Valeria, Alessandro,
Sara, Ten. Andrea, Stefano, Alessio, Elio,
Frapis, Ste, Valerio, Yuka, Fabrizio, Gius,
Simonetta, Lollo, Agnese, Gabriele,
Simone l’Onesto, Francy, Iacopo,
Laura, Flavio, Amado, Giorgio,
Ailinn, Veronica, Cilone, Gigi,
Pierluì, Marco, Ysmail, Mirco,
Carmen, Francesca, Chiara,
Margherita, Pino, Tito,
Matteo, Mattia, Rò